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The Law Office of Lauren McClain

Dedicated to Growing Families 

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McClain Law focuses on adoption, third party reproduction and child advocacy law. Attorney Lauren McClain Law offers top quality, highly competent and deeply committed legal representation. With an unwavering commitment to clients, Lauren McClain demonstrates a compassionate approach to the practice of law, recognizing the emotional nuances associated with adoption and surrogacy. Her client’s success is rooted in her comprehensive understanding of the complex legal landscape. Known for her ethics and compassion, Lauren McClain fosters trust and empowers clients to embark on transformative journeys toward building their families.

Lauren was such a blessing while going through our adoption with our son. She answers your calls and emails in great time. She is supportive, caring, and a hard worker. We appreciate everything she did for us – and now what she is doing for my best friend while she is adopting.

Lauren did an excellent job representing our family during our two sons’ adoption hearings. I would recommend her services to a friend or colleague.

Lauren was great – Very prompt and aggressive. She took care of all our needs and answered any questions we had. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an adoption attorney.

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