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Third Party Reproduction Law

pregnant woman

Attorney Lauren McClain is passionate about creating families.  At McClain Law, we collaborate with surrogates and intended parents as they navigate the legal complexities of the artificial reproduction process. Recognizing the potential overwhelming nature of this process, Attorney McClain’s goal is to make every client feel comfortable and educated throughout the process.

Having personally navigated infertility and loss, Lauren approaches her work with empathy. As a mother, and former fertility patient, she intimately understands the emotional complexities surrounding parenthood, infertility, and surrogacy. This personal experience is coupled with her deep understanding of the medical processes and the continuously evolving legal landscape in third-party reproduction.

Whether you are a surrogate embarking on this selfless journey or an intended parent with aspirations of growing your family, McClain Law is dedicated to providing you with the necessary information and the compassionate support you deserve. With Attorney McClain's unique blend of personal experience and legal acumen, your family-building process is in capable hands.

Lauren helped me every step of the way. She helped explain complicated legal issues to me and made them very easy to understand. She helped advocate for the changes I needed to have made in my contract. She was easy to work with and I would recommend her to any other surrogate going through this process!

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