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The Law Office of Lauren McClain

Dedicated to Growing Families 

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McClain Law focuses on adoption, third party reproduction and child advocacy law. Attorney Lauren McClain Law offers top quality, highly competent and deeply committed legal representation. With an unwavering commitment to clients, Lauren McClain demonstrates a compassionate approach to the practice of law, recognizing the emotional nuances associated with adoption and surrogacy. Her client’s success is rooted in her comprehensive understanding of the complex legal landscape. Known for her ethics and compassion, Lauren McClain fosters trust and empowers clients to embark on transformative journeys toward building their families.

Our adoption ended up being very ugly and complicated. Lauren was so encouraging and honest about the case. She explained everything so clearly and never had us guessing about what was next. After spending more than two years in court with Lauren I would say she felt more like a very wise friend and less like a hired attorney. She always had our family’s best interest at hand and passionately did her job. Our family was honored to have shared our journey with her and recommend her to anyone looking at adopting and need any legal assistance.

Lauren was great – Very prompt and aggressive. She took care of all our needs and answered any questions we had. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an adoption attorney.

Lauren helped us with the process of readopting our little girl from China. She was easy to work with, personable and made the process smooth and straight forward. After finally being home with our little one and tackling the mountains of paperwork to adopt her it was a breath of fresh air to have this part of the process taken care of so professionally, easily and quickly!

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